Introducing the new “First Choice” Policy

The Review of Finance recognizes the challenges authors face with the extensive refereeing process, often involving numerous rounds of revisions that may not significantly alter the paper’s core message. To address this, we are introducing the “First Choice” policy.

Under this policy, authors submitting papers not yet reviewed by any finance journal are offered a streamlined review process. This process guarantees one of two outcomes: a conditional acceptance with optional referee suggestions, or a straightforward rejection, allowing for future submission under the standard review procedure (either before or after submission to other journals). 

This policy is part of our commitment to ensuring that valuable research reaches publication faster, without prolonged back-and-forth of revisions that may not enhance the paper’s key contributions. We invite you to submit your best work under this new policy!

This submission option will be available from 15.04.2024. Find out more.

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