First Choice Policy

Available from 15.04.2024

The Review of Finance recognizes the challenges authors face with the extensive refereeing process, often involving numerous rounds of revisions that may not significantly alter the paper’s core message. To address this, we are introducing the “First Choice” policy.

Under this policy, authors submitting papers not yet reviewed by any finance journal are offered a streamlined review process. This process guarantees one of two outcomes: a conditional acceptance with optional referee suggestions, or a straightforward rejection, allowing for future submission under the standard review procedure (either before or after submission to other journals). 

To use the policy, authors should select “First choice submission” at Step 2 of the submission process, and must also confirm in their cover letter that the paper has not previously been submitted to any of the top three journals. Please note that authors who submit under this policy and are later found to have previously submitted the same paper to one of the top three journals will be banned from submitting the RF for two years. 

It’s important to note that to ensure thorough decision-making, “First Choice” submissions are not eligible for the Fast Track refereeing process. The RF’s usual Regular submission fee terms apply.

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