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Before beginning your submission to the Review of Finance you must carefully read the information and follow the guidelines on this page as well as the RF’s Editorial Policy. Failure to do so may lead to your paper being desk-rejected. When you have reviewed the information on this page and are ready to submit your manuscript, please click HERE.

The following guidelines apply to all manuscripts and registered reports:

  • The font size must be at least 12 points, with at least 1.5 line spacing, 1-inch side margins, and 1.5-inch top/bottom margins
  • The abstract must not exceed 150 words
  • The first (title page) of the manuscript must be numbered page 1. This ensures that the numbers on the printed and electronic versions coincide, making it easier for the review team to provide comments
  • The document must be a PDF file
  • The document must not contain any references to the author(s), either by name, institution, or other distinguishing characteristics
  • The document must not exceed 60 pages. This page limit includes appendices, bibliographies, figures, and tables. Additional material may be included in an Internet Appendix that does not count towards the page limit. However, the paper should be self-contained without the reader needing to read the Internet Appendix. Note that 60 pages is an extreme upper limit, not a target; we encourage authors to make their papers as concise as possible
  • No cover letter is typically necessary. In particular, it is not necessary to include a cover letter explaining your contribution (as this should be clear from your abstract and introduction). Cover letters are only relevant for unusual circumstances, e.g. to notify the editor about potentially conflicted referees.
  • There is a drop-down that allows you to suggest an editor (or choose “None Selected”). Please ensure that your suggestion does not violate the conflict of interest policy. We will take author suggestions into account but are not always able to accommodate them due to factors such as workload, fit, and conflicts. The actual assignment is at the journal’s discretion. If your paper is an R&R it will automatically be assigned to the editor who previously handled it, so there is no option to select an editor
  • After uploading your files and completing the payment form, your submission is not yet complete. You will be redirected from the payment form to the submission system and will need to complete a final confirmation step. If this redirection fails, the submission can be completed by following the provided link to the electronic submission session and selecting the option ‘Previously Interrupted Submission (Paid submission fee but the submission was interrupted)’ as payment type and entering the Transaction ID that is provided during the online payment

If the web submission process does not work for some reason, please email the technical support team at [email protected]. As a last resort, please email your anonymous manuscript and a separate title page (containing the authors’ details) to [email protected].

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