Formatting Guidelines

Your paper can use any format for sections and bibliographies upon initial submission to the Review of Finance. After conditional acceptance, please ensure that your paper adheres to the following guidelines before sending the final manuscript to We have put the instructions in a form that you can delegate to an assistant.



  •         Example: Graham, J. R., Harvey, C. R., and Rajgopal, S. (2005) The economic implications of corporate financial reporting, Journal of Accounting and Economics 40, 3–73.
  •         Use initials rather than first name of authors. If the author has two initials, a space goes between them (e.g. Denis, D. J. rather than Denis, D.J.). For all authors (not just the first author), the initials come after the last name.
  •         A comma separates all authors’ names. An “and” comes before the name of the last author.
  •         There is no comma after the final initial of the final author. The year, in parentheses, immediately follows.
  •         There is no period after the year. Then follows the title of the paper, which is not in quotation marks. Only the first word is capitalized (except for any words that follow a colon)
  •         The title is followed by a comma, and then the journal name in italics
  •         There is no comma after the journal name. Then there is the journal volume, then a comma, and then the page numbers. The page numbers are separated by an “en” dash (–), not a hyphen (-). The full page numbers are given. For example, rather than 256–89, it should be 256–289. A period is after the page numbers.

Citations of papers in the main text

  •         For any paper which contains four authors or more, cite them as “Brown et al.” where Brown is the first author
  •         For any papers that are cited within a phrase in parentheses, the year of the paper does not go in parentheses, a comma comes between the authors’ names and the year, and a semi-colon separates each paper, e.g. “Mergers and acquisitions are often motivated by non-value-maximizing reasons (e.g., Jensen, 1993; Grinstein and Hribar, 2004; Harford and Li, 2007).”


  •         Please ensure that any “minus” numbers within the main text, or in any table, are indicated with an “en” dash (?), not a hyphen (-)
  •         For all section titles, all main words in the title should be capitalized, e.g. “Measuring the CEO Investment Cycle”. For any main sections (e.g. 2), the title should be in bold, and there should be a period after the number, e.g. “2. Analysis”. For sub-sections (e.g. 2.1), the title should not be in bold, and there is no period after the number, e.g. “2.1 First-Best Benchmark”