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New Aims and Scope

The Review of Finance announces an expanded Aims and Scope of the journal, including openness to papers using non-US data, new research methodologies, “future of research” papers, controversial papers, methodological papers, non-result papers, and descriptive papers on important topics. We remain as open to traditional papers as we have ever been.… Read more...

New Editorial Policy

The Review of Finance announces the following clarifications of our editorial policy. These policies are already being implemented, but we thought that it would be useful to make a clear statement of them to authors. These are also published in our Editorial in the first issue of 2017, freely available here.… Read more...

New Referee Awards and Referee Database

Great referees are critical to the editorial process, but typically only noticed by the Editors. We are pleased to announce the introduction of Best Referee awards. They will be presented each year at the EFA annual meeting, together with the Best Paper awards.Read more...

Corporate Governance and Blockchains

This post launches the Managing Editors’ blog, where we summarize the lead article of each issue in a non-technical manner. The intended audience for this blog is not just non-academics, but also academics outside the particular literature to which the paper contributes.… Read more...

New Editorial Board

The Review of Finance is delighted to announce the following changes to its Editorial Board, effective from 1 January. Alex Edmans, currently an Editor, will serve as Managing Editor together with Franklin Allen. Jules van Binsbergen will serve as a new Editor and Kenneth Ahern, Jonathan Berk, Patrick Bolton, Xavier Giroud, Todd Gormley, Sam Hartzmark, Kai Li, Alexander Ljungqvist, Lars Lochstoer, Andrey Malenko, Konstantin Milbradt, Christian Opp, Paige Ouimet, Amiyatosh Purnanandam, Luke Taylor and Pietro Veronesi will serve as new Associate Editors.… Read more...

New Fee Structure and Introduction of Referee Payments

The Review of Finance announces the introduction of payments to referees and changes to the submission fee, with effect from 1 January, 2017. The changes are as follows:

• For regular submissions and resubmissions
- The submission fee will be €250 for EFA members and €300 for non-members
- The payment to a referee for an on-time report (within 4 weeks) is €150 plus 1/3 off a future submission
- If the paper is desk-rejected without an external report, all but €100 of the fee is refunded

The 2016 Best Paper Prize Winners

We congratulate the 2016 Best Paper prize winners:

Spängler IQAM Prize Winner:
LUIGI GUISO and ELIANA VIVIANO- “How Much Can Financial Literacy Help?” 

Pagano and Zechner Prize Winner:
ALEXANDER POPOV and NEELTJE VAN HOREN – “Exporting Sovereign Stress: Evidence from Syndicated Bank Lending during the Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis”Read more...