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Call for Papers for Review of Finance Special Issue on China

China may soon become the world’s largest economy, but most academic research in top journals is based on U.S. data.  The insights from papers on U.S. data may not automatically apply to China, since it has a unique set of institutional features, hence the need for research specific to China. … Read more...

Virtual Issue: Effects and Responses to Economic Downturns

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious crisis.  To understand its effects, and to guide policy responses, we need evidence.  However, since the crisis is recent, we do not yet have enough data to understand its long-term effects; since some policy responses have not yet been tried, or have only recently been implemented, we are unable to assess their success. … Read more...

Editorial Board Changes

The Rewiew of Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Marcin Kacperczyk as Editor for a three-year term starting in January 2020. He replaces Jules van Binsbergen whose term ends in December 2019. Jules has made superb contributions to the RF, not only in handling papers but also providing insights into broader journal strategy, and will continue in a new role of Advisory Editor after he steps down.… Read more...

Managing Editor’s Report for 2018/19

The Managing Editor’s Report for 2018/9 is available here. Some highlights include:

  • Our acceptance rate for regular submissions has fallen to 4.1% (from 5.3% in 2017-8 and 6.3% in 2018-9), consistent with our policy of applying top-three standards. Our fast-track acceptance rate is 2%
    • As a result, our backlog continues to fall substantially, reducing the time between acceptance and in-print publication.

2018/9 Best Paper and Best Referee Awards

The Review of Finance congratulates the following award winners:

Pagano/Zechner award for the best non-investments paper

Winner: Gene Amromin, Jennifer Huang, Clemens Sialm, Edward Zhong for Complex Mortgages (summary)

Runner-up: Han Kim, Ernst Maug, Christoph Schneider for Labor Representation in Governance as an Insurance Mechanisms (summary)