Message to Authors and Referees Regarding the COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic of COVID-19 infections is causing substantial disruptions to daily life around the world. We are grateful to authors continuing to consider the RF as an outlet for their work during these disruptions. Our editors and referees reviewers are also affected by these disruptions. For the duration of this pandemic, we ask that authors be patient in waiting for reviews and decisions on manuscripts to be returned to them as in some instances there will be delays.

However, despite the pandemic, we are not at present changing our policy of providing full submission refunds for regular manuscripts where the decision is rendered after 100 days, or refunds of the “fast-track” portion of the submission fee for fast-track submissions where the decision is rendered after 14 days.

For referees: we always appreciate your service to the journal, and particularly now during this time of crisis. We realize that this is a difficult time for many, and that individual circumstances may mean that you are unable to help us. If you are indeed able to advise us, we would be very grateful if you can do so within the normal timeframe, but the RF has flexibility with respect to deadlines. Thus, please feel free to suggest an alternative deadline on the online form provided in the referee request email if the suggested deadline is infeasible. If you are unable to advise us, we appreciate you taking the time to decline the invitation.

We wish a speedy end to this pandemic and recovery to all affected either directly or indirectly by this serious disease.

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