Managing Editor’s Report for 2017/18

The Managing Editor’s Report for 2017/8 is available here. Some highlights include:

  • The number of R&Rs has fallen substantially from 156 in 2015/16 to 87 in 2016/17 and 38 in 2017/18, consistent with our new policy of applying top-three standards
    • As a result, our backlog has also fallen substantially, reducing the time between acceptance and in-print publication. This also means that we will never reject a paper due to insufficient journal space / pressure not to exceed a page budget. Being stringent on papers below top-three standards means that there is ample space for any paper that crosses the bar.
  • The number of acceptances has similarly fallen from 73 to 58 to 39 over the same period. The acceptance rate is currently 5.3%
  • The median turnaround time was 25 days
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