How To Submit A Paper

Regular Submissions

To submit to the Review of Finance, please click here. Please ensure that you follow these guidelines. Failure to do so may lead to the manuscript being returned to you, thus delaying the review process, or desk-rejected:

  • The font size is at least 12 points, with at least 1.5 line spacing, 1-inch side margins, and 1.5-inch top/bottom margins
  • The abstract does not exceed 150 words
  • The first (title page) of the manuscript is numbered page 1. This ensures that the numbers on the printed and electronic versions coincide, making it easier for the review team to provide comments
  • The document is in PDF without any reference to the authors
  • The document does not exceed 60 pages. This page limit includes appendices, bibliographies, figures, and tables. Additional material may be included in an Internet Appendix that does not count towards the page limit. The paper should be self-contained without the reader needing to read the Internet Appendix. Note that 60 pages is an extreme upper limit, not a target; we encourage authors to make the paper as concise as possible
  • No cover letter is typically necessary
  • After uploading your files and completing the payment form, your submission is not yet complete. You are redirected from the payment form to the submission system and need to complete a final confirmation step. If this redirection fails, the submission can be completed by following the provided link to the electronic submission session and selecting the option “Previously Interrupted Submission (Paid submission fee but the submission was interrupted)” as payment type and entering the “Credit Card Transaction ID”, which is provided during the online payment.
  • If the web submission process does not work for some reason, please email the technical support team at As a last resort, please email your anonymous manuscript and a separate title page (containing the authors’ details) to

The fee for a submission or a resubmission is €300, which is reduced to €250 if the submitting author is a member of the European Finance Association. (The membership application form is available at The submission fee is refunded if the editorial decision is rendered after more than 100 days. If the paper is desk-rejected without an external report, all but €100 of the fee is refunded. The referee payment is €150 plus €100 off a future submission for a report within four weeks. 

Fast-Track Submissions

The Fast-Track process guarantees an editorial decision within  14 days, starting from the first business day on which valid payment information has been received from the submitting author. Please select “Fast Track” as the category of submission in step 2 of the submission process.

If you choose “Fast-Track” for your manuscript for the first time, the submission fee is €900. For a resubmitted “Fast-Track”-manuscript the submission fee is €500 (the authors have the option of switching to the regular track upon a resubmission). Each paper may be reviewed by a single referee or multiple referees. If the response deadline is not met, all but €300 of the submission fee (€250 for EFA members) is refunded so the net cost is the same as a regular submission. If the most junior scholar is fewer than 4 years from his/her PhD and the paper is given an R&R or accepted, the fast-track premium is also refunded (see If the paper is desk-rejected without an external report, all but €100 of the fee is refunded. The referee payment is €700 for a first submission and €350 for a resubmission for a report within one week. 

DisclaimerThe Review can refuse Fast-Track submissions if the journal has already received many such submissions within a short period. In such cases, they will be converted to regular submissions and the difference in fees refunded.

Registered Reports

We recognize that collecting new data or doing research in an unexplored field can be particularly time-consuming, and that authors may be unwilling to do this given that a paper is only typically publishable if it finds significant results. We invite submissions of “registered reports” (also as suggested by Harvey (2017)). These are detailed proposals, similar to the front-end of a regular paper providing economic motivation and methodology. The report is assigned to an Editor, who reviews it, perhaps in conjunction with other members of the Editorial Board. If the proposal is given the green light, this means that the Editor considers the proposal interesting enough to publish, even if the results are insignificant. Again, the eventual paper will still have to be refereed, and there is no publication guarantee. However, the authors have the assurance that the Editor is sufficiently supportive of the topic that he/she will overrule any concerns on insignificant results, and that this same Editor will handle the paper when eventually submitted.

The submission fee for a registered report is €100. The submission fee is refunded in full if the proposal is accepted. To submit a registered report, please select “Registered Report” as the category of submission in step 2 of the submission process.