Fast-Track Guidelines

The Fast-Track is a review process to authors seeking a very fast editorial decision at a higher submission fee to compensate the referees.

The guaranteed response time (report and decision letter) is 14 days, starting the count from the first business day on which valid payment information has been received from the submitting author.

If you choose “Fast-Track” for your manuscript for the first time, the submission fee is €900. For a resubmitted “Fast-Track”-manuscript the submission fee is €500 (the authors have the option of switching to the regular track upon a resubmission). Each paper may be reviewed by a single referee or multiple referees. The referee payment is €700 for a first submission and €350 for a resubmission for a report within one week. If the response deadline is not met, all but €300 of the submission fee (€250 for EFA members) is refunded so the net cost is the same as a regular submission.

Please ensure that the paper corresponds to the formatting guidelines on the web page Submission Policy and select “Fast Track” as the category of submission in step 2 of the submission process.


The editors can refuse Fast-Track submissions if the journal has already received many such submissions within a short period. In such cases, they will be converted to regular submissions and the difference in fees refunded.